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Homeowners know they need to protect their home, especially since for most of us it is the biggest investment we will ever make. That is why its so crucial to hire the best roofing company. Certified Precision Roofing Repair Stone Mountain has been around for years, and as roofing contractors we are experienced with all aspects of the roofing industry. Most homeowners know when the roof shows signs of aging. CPR Roofers are professionally trained to  inspect your home and see what is the best solution. Certified Precision Roofing will check your roof with a 10 point roof inspection. In addition, if needed CPR will repair for your current roof, or a brand-new roof.  Contact us today with any of your residential roofing requests.


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Our Roofers have been trained and we like to follow the guidelines from the National Roof Certification & Inspection Association (NRCIA)inspector & contractor training


Completing roof inspections are essential to be done from time to time in order to avoid major damage. Even architectural roofs have weak spots. CPR Roofing Repair Stone Mountain Roof damage can be hard to notice, unless you are a trained professional. Certified Precision Roofing can asses the condition of your roof, we can recommend either a roof replacement or perhaps some repairs to prevent structural damage to your home. Metro Atlanta area is known for many wind and hail storms.  Even the less serious hail storms can impact an old roof and qualify your roof for hail damage with your insurance company.  

Roofing Repair Stone Mountain



Is it time to replace your roof?  At Certified Precision Roofing we have been performing roof replacements for years.  Our qualified professionals will meet with you at your residence and completely explain the process from the initial review to the final cleanup step. CPR has a sophisticated painless process of replacing your roof and we have developed an amazing system to ensure your roof replacement is problem free.

Call Certified Precision Roofing for your roof replacement project today, you won’t be sorry!

If you are considering roof replacement, you owe it to yourself to meet with us.  We install all major manufactures brands of shingles in both 25 year 3 tab and also the 30 year/LIFETIME* architectural style or LAMINATED DIMENSIONAL type shingles. 


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Roofs are one of the most neglected homeowners maintenance projects. In addition, roofs tend to be an expensive area of the home when it needs to be worked on.  If you notice a leak, damaged shingles, missing flashing, damaged gutters and downspouts, or rotted wood, call Certified Precision Roofing for prompt repairs.  The sooner roof issues are addressed the less costly it will be on your and your insurance company. CPR Roofers will inspect your roof, find the leak and provide you with an affordable estimate.  

At Certified Precision Roofing we offer a full range of roofing repair options for almost any budget.

From pipe-jack or BOOT replacements or brick wall flashing, to leaks needing shingle replacement, our roof repair options have you covered.

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