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Welcome to Certified Precision Roofing Stone Mountain Roofing division. ​Thanks for visiting our site for Stone Mountain Roofing Services! If you are looking for Residential or Commercial Roof needs in Dekalb County or Gwinnett County, GA area, CPR specializes in roof repair and replacement.
The are numerous roofing companies near Stone Mountain for you to select, but are we all the same in quality and experience.  It is all about Roofs over here at CPR with our quality Stone Mountain Roofing Contractors. Certified Precision Roofing is a local roofing contractor. Our experienced roofers can come to your home or business and examine the roof in greater detail and put together a detailed estimate of what it would take to repair that leaky roof or perhaps do an roof  replacement.

Stone Mountain Roofing

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​Perhaps your roof has been through a lot, especially in the Stone Mountain area, where we get hit with strong winds, storms, and other natural disasters. Have you considered doing a roof replacement ? Tear-off and reroof by Certified Precision Roofing has never been easier. 
Most folks usually know when it is time to replace that leaky or old roof just by looking at it or by the age of the roof since the purchase of the house. If you repaired and patched it to death it might be time to stop sinking in more money and  go ahead and get the replacement done. A new roof is a value added feature on your home. It can increase your home value and save you money every month by using less heating or air condition. Give your roofers a call at Certified Precision Roofing Company Stone Mountain today!


Our Roofers have been trained and we like to follow the guidelines from the National Roof Certification & Inspection Association (NRCIA)inspector & contractor training. CPR roofing company knows what it takes to complete,  design and engineer top quality roof for the proper environment. With years and years of experience our roofers have worked on some of the most complicated homeowners projects.  In addition, CPR uses the highest quality materials available. 

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​Certified Precision Roofing is the go to Roofing Company here in Stone Mountain GA. Serving the entire Dekalb County and Gwinnett County, GA area.  Unlike, storm chasing contractors where they come take your money and leave to never be heard again from CPR is a local roofing contractor. We are the once who come to fix the mistakes done by storm chaser companies.

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We believe is always better to use a local roofing company in case of emergency storms. A national company will take a long time to have someone come out and tarp the roof. This will save the homeowner tremendous amount of money from further interior damage during storms. Certified Precision Roofing is local just in case if you are asking yourself, Is there a quality roofer near me, in Stone Mountain, Ga?


We understand this is a bold statement, but we are confident that our portfolio of past works speaks volume. CPR know the quality of other roofing companies in your area and frankly it would be hard to compare to our workmanship. If you are looking for a quality roofer in Stone Mountain, GA, that values honesty and quality word you are in the right place. Once you review our portfolio you realize that we are the Best roofer in Stone Mountain, GA

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